Breast Reduction: Getting Prepared

If this is the first post you’re stumbling upon, I encourage to read how I decided to go through with breast reduction surgery.

Question: Do you need to do anything to prepare?

I’m a pretty intense Type A person, so once I had the surgery date on the calendar I went to work researching what to expect and how I could prepare.

Thankfully I have had a few friends who have had the procedure (and even more have come forth since I shared that I am getting it done) and shared their journey. Over the last few weeks, I’ve been getting myself ready for what I anticipated I’ll need, but I’ll update post-surgery on what I did and didn’t actually need.

Small pillow
I’ll be required to refrain from driving for at least one week post-op, but once I get back on the road again I’m nervous for the bumps, pot holes, and the like. A lot of articles shared that using a small pillow as a buffer between you and your seat belt helped a lot for the irritation of the belt, but also to keep things in place while driving.

Button-up shirts and comfortable tank tops
Since I’ll be out of work for the week following surgery, I anticipate LOTS of lounge wear. But once I’m back in the office, comfort is key. I have a few loose-fitting sweaters that go great with slacks or a cute skirt, but I also have a few button-up shirts that will be easy to get on and get going.

Sports bras
This is a mandatory. I purchased three sports bras to start off with that are specific to post-surgery. They zip in the front and have no underwire, so it provides the support needed, are easy to put on and take off, and won’t bother the incisions.

Whenever I take a stay-cation I tend to use that time to get errands done instead of actually relax. This time, I’m FORCED to hang on the couch with the dog for a while. So, I’ve got some great books lined up on my kindle.

Another book I heard about that has helped pre-surgery was When Less Is More: The Complete Guide for Women Considering Breast Reduction Surgery by Bethanne Snodgrass M.D. It’s actually what inspired me to share my story with this blog and my social media followers.

Scar creams
I think I’m most nervous for how things will look afterwards, so I’m laser-focused on scarring and helping my body heal. Lots of water is in my future, and good foods to nourish my body. But in addition to that I’ve purchased two creams: Mederma Advanced Scar Cream and Mederma PM Intensive Overnight Scar Cream. I know it’ll be a bit before I’m able to start using it, but I wanted it handy so as soon as things start to look like they are healing I’m ready to go.

In addition to the Mederma products, Rodan + Fields is great for scarring. A few months post-op I plan to begin to use some of the R+F products that are known to help scarring.

If you’ve had a surgical procedure, or specifically a breast reduction, what did you find helpful to have on-hand? Let me know!

Breast Reduction: My journey to YES

I shared on my Instagram a few days ago that I am scheduled for breast reduction surgery. WHOA! That’s so weird to say.

I was grateful that so many of you reached out to me to ask questions. I was nervous to share this news, but have always been someone who puts myself out there in hopes of helping someone in the same boat.

So, over the next few weeks I’ll be sharing about my journey, and hopefully covering many of the questions I’ve been asked thus far.

First, I feel like I need to explain how bra sizes are measured. The band size is the number you see in a bra size. If you’re curious, take a measuring tape (preferably a fabric one) and measure around your torso, directly under your bust. If the number is even, add four inches; if it’s odd, add five.

Second, you need to figure out the cup (or the letter). Take the same measuring tape and measure around your chest, across your nipples. You then take that number and subtract your band size number. Depending on what the difference is, that’ll determine your cup size.

Example: If your bust size is 38 inches and your band size is 36 inches, that’s a 2 inch difference which translates into a 36B.

Question: WHY would you make the decision to get rid of something that God has so graciously blessed you with?

For as long as I can remember, I’ve had a large chest. I swear they popped out of nowhere overnight when I was in the sixth grade.

I started high school wearing a B-cup bra and ended high school wearing a DD-cup bra. I joke that I grew one cup every year, but I’m pretty sure that’s how it happened. For those who are unfamiliar with bra sizes, that’s like 3 or 4 inches of boob that were added to my band measurement.

I was active in high school, but my chest size always made me uncomfortable. I remember trying to get out of gym class by telling the teacher I forgot my sports bra and couldn’t run.

In college, I acquired the nickname “Boobs.” I tell ya, college-aged boys are very creative. And they just didn’t stop growing, which made physical activity (competitive cheerleading and exercising) very difficult.

I wasn’t really self-conscious about my chest size until I was in my early 20’s. I was a nanny and remember wearing a two-piece with confidence to the country club pool that the family belonged to. ALL of the stay-at-home moms who were with their children were rocking tankinis and one-piece bathing suits. When I took my cover up off, all eyes were glued to me. My boss joked that “they are just jealous because what you have naturally, their husbands have to pay money for.”

That was the first and last time I wore a two-piece to the pool at work.

When I was 21 or 22 I went for a consultation for a reduction. I remember looking at photos of patients before me and thinking how they must feel so much better. Alas, when I left the office, I felt sad. Almost as if taking my chest away from me was me losing part of my identity.

And here I am now, at 33 years old, just days away from going under the knife and removing 5 lbs of extra weight from my torso.

So, WHY am I finally going through with this procedure?

  • I have dents in my shoulder that are so deep they probably will never go away
  • I can’t sit at a restaurant for longer than 10 mins without my back feeling strained
  • I have a constantly strained nerve on the right side of my neck that sends a paralyzing shriek across the right side of my body when I reach for something in my trunk or the like
  • My bras cost $85 at a minimum ($65 if they are on sale), sports bras range about $50 or more and are suffocating, and bathing suits don’t start under $100 (for just the top)
  • I don’t remember what it’s like to lay on the beach, my bed, the floor, or a couch flat on my back and being able to breath without my shoulders and neck being elevated

That’s not even the complete list, but I’ll spare you too many details. I’m just a few days away from this life-changing experience and will absolutely document more along the way.

If you’ve considered getting a reduction, or are experiencing some of the things I have shared above, I encourage you to reach out to me. I’d love to chat more and help you in your decision process.

My Podcast Rotation

I have quite the commute to work. On average, about an hour each way; some days it can be more. 

I love to use my time commuting to focus on personal development and have found that podcasts are my go-to when I need a little motivation. 

I started listening to podcasts about 2-3 years ago. Since I am constantly looking for new  podcasters to follow, I thought I’d share some of my favorites with you guys today. 

Oh. Em. Gee. You guys may recognize Jenna from social media. She was shamed for being heavier than her super fit husband, but it backfired because she went even more viral than she already was and sky-rocketed her career. This podcast is perfect for entrepreneurs and social media influencers (or those who want to be). It’s jam-packed with great tips and takeaways that you can implement into your daily life. If you’re looking for inspiration in your business, or inspiration in life in general, this is a total hit. 

I’m still getting into this one, and can’t say that every topic really resonates with me, but this has been great so far. Think back to your high school days and those subjects that you would’ve found valuable – like, how to balance a check book or complete your taxes. This channels puts all those subjects into one neat little box that you can access at the touch of your finger. I think my favorite one so far was “...that men need more nurturing than they’re willing to admit.”

I found this newer channel through my BeachBody coach Kim. She was actually featured on episode 1. I love that this podcast helps you identify your passion and gives you super motivation on how to get started. The people she interviews shows you that so many people have started where you currently are (or may be) and they’ve reached and exceeded their goals. 

This podcast got me started on the obsession. We’re now in Season 3 and I’m still getting caught up on it. Season 1 followed the story of a high school boy who was charged with the murder of his fellow student, and Season 2 follows the story of an Army guy who was held hostage in a war country. It basically takes the story that the media shared and debunks much of it, showing that not every story can be told on the surface. SOOO good. 

If you’re a fan of The Bachelor/Bachelorette and/or Bachelor in Paradise, download this NOW. Kaitlyn interviews contestants and gets insider scoop that they won’t show you on the TV show. It’s really a light-hearted, girl chat over wine kind of show. 

If you read Monday’s blog post you’ll know I have a total girl crush on Rachel. If you haven’t read Girl Wash Your Face yet, do it. Like, now. And then download this podcast. It is like the book on steroids. This is filled with so many truth bombs it’s not even funny. 

There you have it, the podcasts that are on my regular rotation. What podcasts are you guys listening to? 


The Last 90 Days

I’m going to let you guys in on a little secret. I am a promise breaker. I break promises all the time and I’m ready to stop.

I didn’t come to this realization until I listened to the Girl Wash Your Face audiobook by Rachel Hollis. I’m actually re-listening to it right now and taking in even more than I did the last time.

What Rachel says in the one chapter really resonated with me. She said something along the lines of, “If you had a best friend who you constantly made plans with and she always canceled on you last minute, would you still be her friend?”

Guys. I don’t want to be friends with myself!

I break promises to myself all the time. ALL. THE. TIME.

For example, I have started 14 BeachBody programs. Literally guys. I planned out the workouts in my calendar, I meal planned according to the little color-coded containers, and I meal prepped after a major grocery hall.

I promised myself that I’ll start Monday. That this time would be different. That this time I’ll complete the program in it’s entirety and submit my before/after results for that free t-shirt.

But alas, a few days into the program and I lose all my steam. Ultimately, I just give up completely and go back to chocolate cake and red wine.

Why am I telling you this?

I’m in a SERIOUS funk. Like, almost as bad as when I lost my Dad. And, I need your help.

I’ve committed to the #Last90Days. Simply, I’m closing out 2018 focusing on implementing five habits daily.

If you sign up at the link above, you’ll receive a weekly message from Rachel Hollis, author of Girl Wash Your Face, to help you stick with the five things you’re committing to for the rest of the year.

What are my five things? I’m glad you asked!

I challenge you to think of how YOU will end your #Last90Days. What five habits will you focus on implementing every day from now until 2019?

Let me know in the comments below.

Still a Larva

The butterfly year. HA! Still kind of feeling like a larva if you ask me. 

How in the world is it already the end of June? Like, I’m asking seriously. I feel like we just sat down with our champagne and watched the ball drop, dreaming of all the things we were planning to accomplish over the next 12 months. 

January felt like it was 365 days long, but February to now feels like it was a weekend that was cut short. 

Now, we’re halfway through the year and I’m all like, “What day is it and why don’t I have any fresh underwear left?”
Writing is my therapy. Sitting down and hitting the keys takes such a weight off my heart and gives me all the feels. All of them. 

Writing is also my job. Literally. I write for my work about 75% of the time – the other 25% is a combination of driving and meetings. 

And here, I started the year with the promise that I’d do more writing for fun and focus on a true transformation within myself. 

What do I have to show for it? A blog I haven’t even looked at since Valentine’s Day and an extra 15 lbs sitting on my hips. 

Honestly, I think part of my absence had to do with the fact that I promised all of these big things for the new year and have delivered on zero of them. 

So, here’s a quick recap of life so far in the life of Miss Meg. Try not to be overly impressed (hardy har har). 

I saw a medium recently (the same one I saw after my Dad passed) and she focused heavily on my personal life. According to her, I will meet the man I’m supposed to be with in a very natural way – ie, in the grocery store; not in the bar. Until then, she told me to continue putting myself out there and met new people because I’m sending the universe vibes that I’m ready to meet someone. 

So, if you need me I’ll be hanging out in the produce aisle at Whole Foods. 

My R+F business has taken a back seat in the Greyhound Bus that is my to-do list. My full-time role is really demanding right now, working on two huge projects with deadlines lingering closely and an intern that I’m trying to really help grow. In fact, even my physical therapist told me that I need to take more breaks and work less at home because the stress is causing severe tension in my shoulders and upper back. I wonder if she’d be willing to take some things off my list. 

I see food. I eat food. I successfully completed Whole30 in January and lost 12 lbs. I felt amaze-balls. Then I drank all of the cabernet and ate all of the cheese I could physically carry out of the store. I wish I was kidding. 

My mouth salivates when I think of roasted/charred broccoli. BUT, the same thing happens when mozzarella sticks are in front of me. I’m still working on finding what program sets my soul on fire. 

I feel like sharing all this will hold me accountable. Life isn’t perfect. Social media has a funny way of making it look like you’ve got your ish together and you’re reaching big goals when behind the scenes, you wearing two different heels to work and you forgot your wallet at home. 

Whether you’re crushing the game right now or feel like you’re the one being crushed, can we all just agree that January-June were “ok” and agree to make July-December “totally freaking awesome”? 


5 things I love about myself

Is it just me or did January seem to have 365 days in the month?

I’m so glad to see that February is here – the month of love. This year is my butterfly year, so although I’m enjoying the holiday as a solo woman that doesn’t mean I have to throw a pity party due to a lack of companionship.

After all, the best relationship I’ll ever have is the one I have with myself.

So today, on this day of romance, my love letter is dedicated to me.

  • I love my eyes. I receive compliments frequently about my eyes, but they are so much more than their shape and color. These eyes have seen amazing experiences, as well as terrible tragedies. These eyes have such an incredible story to share, and I am so grateful for them. 
  • I love my ability to see the positive in every situation. Bad things have happened – things that are out of my control – but the one thing I can control is how I react. That was a challenging lesson to learn, but one that has allowed me to cope with the bad things. 
  • I love my transparency. I have a confidence in putting myself out there to help others feel comfortable.  I am an open book, and if I am able to share something to help someone else then I will share it – even if it makes me look weird. 
  • I love my curves. I am not one of those skinny girls, and likely never will be. I remember in my early 20s, someone I considered a friend called me fat in the middle of a fight. That still sticks with me. But rather than dwell on what others think about my body, and me I can embrace it. My body is my friend, and in treating it that way I’ve been able to change so much about it and how I feel about it. 
  • I love my heart. When I love, I love with every ounce of my being. Regardless of how many times I’ve been hurt in the past, and how many more times are to come, my greatest joy is when I can show others how much I care for them.

Whether you’re spending today with your heart and soul, enjoying a bottle of red paired with a great meal or you’re spending it solo with a face mask and your dog (like me), enjoy it.

Every minute of every part of the day.


Whole30: The Review

It wasn’t perfect, but it’s done. It wasn’t as hard as I thought but does take time. And I learned a lot.

That’s basically what I share with people when I tell them that my Whole30 experience is over now.

The results
I lost 12 freaking pounds. And feel amazing about it.

I mean, I wasn’t supposed to weigh myself throughout the program, but I did anyway. So, I lost 12 lbs and then stayed there for almost 2 weeks. If I didn’t weigh myself throughout, I wouldn’t know that I plateaued. But still, I’m down 12 freaking pounds.

I can cross my legs comfortably. Like, this is huge. Previously, I’d need to put my foot on something for resistance. Not anymore. And not even in jeans! Boom.

I bought a size 12 dress last weekend and can zip it and breathe in it. Incredible. I was a tight size 14 or a very comfortable 16 and was SO hoping to not have to go any bigger. But, I am now wearing pants I haven’t been able to button in 2 years, and they are loose on me.

Man, what a good feeling.

I’m more knowledgeable about what I put in my body. I read labels a lot and am very cautious about the amount of sugar I am consuming. I’m also making wiser choices when I go out. Last night I met a colleague for dinner – my first night off – and I opted for a salad instead of the pizza options or a burger. I did have cheese, but it was just enough.

The cons
This program takes A LOT of prep work. Between planning out your meals, grocery shopping, and then prepping your food you really need to put aside time. This is not the type of program where you can just wing it. And if you can, then I praise thee.

It’s pretty restrictive. Yes, there are compliant options for salad condiments and the like, but you’ve really got to research ahead of time if you’re going to a restaurant. And, you must read ALL labels of anything you purchase outside of fruits and vegetables – this includes meat labels!

Because I’m such a creature of routine, my “day food” was the same this entire time. Which made me get sick of eggs and avocado, but also get bored. This is something I’d change in the future – but I do know it will take more prep work if I’m not prepping in bulk.

The pros
12 freaking pounds. I’ll just say it once again.

Joking aside, I’m sleeping more soundly and getting more sleep time in. It was a goal to sleep 6.5 hours and according to my Fitbit, it wasn’t frequent that I’d meet that. Lately, it’s been at least 7 hours of consistent sleep.

I’m more energized during the day, overall more positive and patient, and I’ve been the most productive at work than I’ve ever been. I literally slayed my to-do list almost completely.

After Whole30
Will I do this again? Hell to the yeah. I absolutely intend on doing this program in its entirety at least 2 more times this year. So, if you’re interested in doing it alongside me, I’d love for us to connect for support.

My view on how I take care of my body – both with exercise and food – has really changed from this. So, in addition to exercising, I’ll likely continue eating this way 80% of the time.

But, right now, give me all the cheese and vino.