Jumping back into the saddle

Shortly after my relationship ended I put my match.com profile back up. Did you just gasp? So many of my friends did when I shared that with them.

Why so soon?

For over a year I’ve been in a relationship where I was craving attention. Craving text messages because I was top of mind. Craving the words, “You’re beautiful.”

I’ll let you in on a little secret – yes, to the men reading this I’m talking to you – women want to feel wanted and desired. You do that for us, and buckle your seatbelt. You don’t do this for us, then be prepared.

Being back in the dating scene I’ve been nervous about two things being insanely awkward: 1) the FIRST first date and 2) the FIRST first kiss.

I’m happy to report that BOTH firsts have been checked off my bucket list and only one of them was awkward.

First date: Really sweet guy with an adorable dog (seriously, everyone’s online dating profile now has photos of nieces/nephews and dogs – I’m totally loving it). He’s a divorced vegetarian who doesn’t drink often (read: 2 beers per month at a max) and prefers women who dress down and wear minimal makeup.

I almost didn’t meet up with him because I’m the polar opposite, but figured I should not be so judgmental and give it a shot.

It didn’t go anywhere. But, I undressed him with my eyes over Starbucks coffee because homeboy was adorable and had great arms!

First kiss: A girlfriend of mine talked me into joining Tinder (apparently Hot or Not in dating app form) over drinks one night. I haven’t been taking it very seriously, but it’s exciting to get a new match and be told you have beautiful eyes. Seriously, it never gets old.

Long story short, I matched with a guy who grew up close by and was in town visiting friends (he lives out of state now but visits often). We chatted all day and at 8:30 pm he threw out the idea of grabbing drinks.

Shacked up, conservative, Type A Meg says, “Absolutely not. It’s already 8:30. I really just want to take off my make-up and my bra and throw on Grey’s Anatomy on Netflix while I snuggle my dog.”

Single Meg says, “I’m in! 20 minutes sound good? I just have to change and freshen up.”

I’m telling you, Single Meg is sooo much more fun because that was the best night I’ve had in MONTHS! 

The whole time during drinks I kept thinking, “I wish the awkward first kiss was with that awkward first date from last week instead of this guy because all I want to do is kiss him and see him again but if the kiss sucks that’s going to ruin everything.”

Long story short, the kiss did NOT suck. It was the best kiss I’ve had in 4 years. AND I’m seeing him again on Saturday.

The first date with a new man after being in a long-term relationship is always awkward, regardless of who ended things. But the first kiss is the true test on whether or not you're really ready to jump into the world of dating. I was expecting the first kiss since B to make me miss the comfort of a relationship that was no longer valid. But, it did the complete opposite.

I’ve now seen what I’ve been missing for 4 years, experienced what I've been asking for begging for. I’ve felt that spark light up again and know that settling is not what I see for my future.

I feel alive again. And it’s all thanks to an 8-hour conversation on Tinder and 3 glasses of Cabernet.


A life update...

I started 2016 with an amazing outlook. I had so much going for me and was confident that the year would bring big life changes, positive gains, and a fresh look on the life I wanted to have. 

And then, the universe laughed as I toasted my champagne and thought to itself, “Girl, better buckle your seatbelt!”

June 3 my Dad was diagnosed with Stage 3A lung cancer. I can’t say that I was surprised – after all, he’s lost a lot of weight in the past few months and seems to have aged tremendously. Additionally, he’s been a smoker for 41 years. 

However, that does not make it any easier to digest. Thankfully, I was able to distract myself by focusing on paperwork and action steps to make sure he could get the treatment he needed at a bill we could afford (Read: FREE [to us anyway]). 

As things with my Dad started to align and I could finally breathe a little bit, July 17 (coincidentally his birthday), B and I ended our relationship. I struggle with that phrase though, “B and I ended our relationship.” The truth is, he emotionally checked out months ago and I was holding on for dear life.

Yet, I too had emotionally checked out months ago. I wasn’t holding onto him per se, I was holding on to what we had – a home, a family (the fur kind), a life, plans, vacations, joint accounts….

After Year 2, the relationship changed pretty drastically. I had said it was just growing pains and a temporary state. But, I knew in my heart that the flame was fizzling quickly and there wasn’t any coming back from it. After all, I told one of my best friends back in March that I knew what I had to do, I just didn’t want to do it yet. 

This Type-A personality is in shambles. I’m in a temporary living situation while I get my life together, and am grateful for that because I can focus on helping my Dad kick cancer’s ass. But, it’s a challenge to go from having your own home for 3+ years – your own kitchen, bedroom, bathroom – to sharing it all except a bedroom with three adults and a 7-yr old. 

Am I sad? No. Yes. Sort of?

I’m sad and disappointed in myself that I didn’t leave when things were done on my end (which to be honest, was almost a full year ago). I’m sad that the lie I had spent so much time creating was so easy to dismantle. And I’m sad that I overlooked a lot of the red flags that I knew I didn’t want to be my future because I was content.

But, I’m happy. REALLY freaking happy. I feel like I’m becoming myself again. I can focus on what is important to me and what makes me happy, rather than compromising for someone else. I now have the time to make movement on my blog, on my personal website, on my future career(s), and now have the opportunity to do what I’ve always said I want to do and possibly move out of the state. 

The best part is that the gate has come down on the road I’ve been down, and there really is no turning back. I’m being pushed forward in every way and I’m grateful for that. The hardest part is ripping off the Band-Aid.

I hope to be more active on this little blog, as it’s lately taken a back seat to sweeping the living room floor and tending to a relationship that was not fixable. 

In other news, would it be weird if Elphie and I send our own Christmas card this year?


Friday Faves 3.11.16

Holy moly! Time sure flies when you're having fun. I was so excited to get this blog back up and running, BUT it was right alongside with launching my first major project at my day job and launching my own skincare business. 

In addition to picking up with sharing our weekly eats, I wanted to start this fun Friday list of things I've found on the Web or that I'm currently oogling over. 

After all, I'll scratch your back and share some distraction at work if you scratch mine and share what YOU'RE loving!

I bought a flank steak recently at the grocery store. It was on super discount. And I'm looking for some ideas on how to cook it. This is on the menu for next week

These two are basically inseperable lately. We did a lot of walking last weekend and the exercise STILL has them exhausted. When I came across this article the other day I couldn't help but laugh. GUILTY!

Can you cha cha slide ya'll? Let me know if you try this!

Now that the weather is getting warmer I can't wait to break out my spring dresses and show some skin! But, it's basically transparent. This sunless tanner is the best I've ever tried... BY FAR! It's foam, so doesn't streak and doesn't have that nasty chemical scent. 

I deleted my Twitter because I was just bored with it, but articles like this one makes me remember how funny people can be on that social platform. 

Have a wonderful weekend everyone!

xo Meg


Meal Plan 2.1-2.7

Happy Sunday! I hope you're all resting up and preparing for a new week AND a new month! I love that the new month of Febraury (which happens to be my second favorite month of the year - my birthday month of April being my fave) starts on the first day of a new week.

Talk about new beginnings!

Some friends and I are participating in a month-long LOVE YOUR BODY challenge that focuses on health, fitness, and self care. I'm really excited to get my mind right this month, since January really did me in.

One way that I'm preparing for my new month is meal planning.

This is something I've done pretty regularly since B and I moved in with each other (about 2.5 years ago!), but lately have been slacking with either planning or following through with what I had scheduled.

And since you guys are always asking me where I got my recipes when I post photos on my Instagram, I'm sharing my plan here on the blog for you guys!

Monday: Garlic & rosemary pork tenderloin

Tuesday: One skillet chicken w/ lemon & garlic cream sauce (substituting greek yogurt for the heavy cream to make it a tad healthier)

Wednesday: Baked parmesan garlic & herb salmon in tin foil

Thursday: Skillet chicken w/ mustard cream sauce (just realized I have two of these types of recipes for the week! May change this last minute to lemon & rosemary chicken - a favorite in our house)

Friday: Black bean & feta turkey burgers (B LOOOOOOVES this recipe -- I add the feta myself)

Saturday: Herb & garlic butter salmon baked in tin foil (something about the tin foil changes the flavor of the salmon)

Sunday: Caramelized butter nut squash with sausage and brussel sprouts (the recipe doesn't add meat but I LOVE adding sausage or chicken to this dish)

What do you guys have on your menu for dinner?


It's a Glamorous Way to Hustle

When I turned 30 I had this big vision of rebranding myself and stepping away from the blog that I have had for 5+ years now.

“I’ve outgrown Glamorous Hustle,” I said. “I need something more grown up that I can grow with.”

Everyone thought I was nuts. This was my identity. This was what people remember.

I would get comments on my blog from people I’ve never met before telling me how much my posts hit home. I’d speak with friends who would constantly tell me how much they enjoyed reading my blog.

So, why did I want to change so bad?

I took a hiatus to test out some things on the back end and see what I thought would work better for me. And at the beginning of the month I launched it.

“Introducing the new Megan Muller blog.”


And let me tell you, the feedback totally spoke to it. Yes, it was my name. And yes, it had my face on it. But, it wasn’t the blogger that I had grown to love, or the bloggers that others had grown to love!

So, it’s back.

I’m so freaking excited!!!!

Glamorous Hustle is officially back in business and not going anywhere. I can promise you that. Mark my words, this baby is here to stay (unless grandkids come one day and officially think I’m lame – then we’ll revisit it).

What you’ll see here? LOTS of self-improvement. You may recall me saying that this is “The Year of Meg.” Well, I’ve already taken big strides in making sure that’s a reality.

I’m working on a few programs with Beachbody to get my body back to where it was in 2014. And I’ve just recently teamed up with the doctors of Proactiv to ensure that my skin is in tip-top shape as I age into my 30’s (still getting used to that saying).

I’ll share more about everything I’m doing in some upcoming posts – but for now, I’m back!


Insights from a life learner

I’ll let you in on a little secret about me. I want to do it all. Literally, if I could be a student for the rest of my life and not have to worry about debt or paying bills I would totally do it. 

When I was little, I always said, “I want to be a teacher.” That’s it. My profession until I was a college freshman was always teaching. Until I took a few teaching classes and realized it was just not for me.

Then I went into PR and creative writing. Then journalism and social media. Then magazine publishing. Then advertising. 

Now I work in internal communications and still have my sights on other things for my future!

It’s not that I don’t LOVE what I do – because I do, literally I love my job. But, sitting in one profession and putting all of my focus into one topic for the rest of my life just doesn’t sound fun!
The truth is. I want to do it all.  


Glamorous Hustle 2k16

First off, Happy freakin' New Year! Are you guys excited for 2016 and all it has in store for you? I am.

I have to say, I'm grateful you're even here today. It's been quite a while since I hit publish on a blog post and the fact that you stopped by to see what I have to say makes my heart giddy. 

The fact is, I missed blogging! I missed hitting keys and having a little space of my own to share my thoughts, my journey, my ups, and my downs. So, I'm back!