The snow day that turned my frown upside down

If you’re in the tri-state area, my sympathies are with you. We’re currently being bombarded with massive amounts of snow.

Sunday night into Monday we were slammed with about 8 inches of snow, last night into this afternoon we had about 5 more inches of snow and then freezing rain, and it’s predicted that yet another storm is setting up camp on Sunday.

Are you guys as over the Winter as much as this girl is? Oy vey…

As soon as the temps drop and remain low, and all of the beautiful colors that normally cover our grounds are turned into blankets of white and life-less foliage, I get SAD.

Being cooped inside makes you think, makes you question, and makes you crazy. And if you’re like me, it makes you unmotivated.

The last thing I want to do at 5 am is get out of my cozy, warm, flannel bed sheets to put on spandex pants and two sports bras, go start my frozen car, and work out.

Instead of putting on those heels I’ve yet to wear, a pencil skirt, and a blouse to head to work and feel more professional, I want to throw on my riding boots, leggings, and oversize sweater because it’s warmer and I never know what the temperature in my office will be.

Veggies and protein on the grill? Sounds delicious. Standing on the snow/ice on the back deck while it cooks? Not so much.

Then I start to think about my career, my finances, and my education. Did I make the right choices? Am I where I’m supposed to be right now? In some cases, I’m not so sure…

Today I’m working from home, in the comfort of my heated house, B in the other room on client calls, with my music pumping out of my laptop and fresh coffee just feet away. I can’t complain, life is good today.

So instead of complaining about how crappy this weather is, how exhausted I am of shoveling and being cold, and get upset about things I can’t change, I’m turning my ‘tude around.

I’m going to wrap up some of the last items on my to-do list, clean up the pile of paperwork that I’ve yet to go through, shovel the heck out of my driveway and front steps, and put myself together.

Tomorrow is always a new day. One more snow storm before things start to look up; I can feel it.

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  1. This winter has been rough! I kinda saw it coming. Think about it the last few winters have been really mild we were due for a harsh one. Keep smiling!