Slow down Miss Megs

Yesterday I came home from work early because I wasn’t feeling well. For the last week or so I’ve been having these nasty dizzy spells.

One day last week, for example, I was walking down my “cubicle aisle” at work and literally walked into the wall of one of the cubicles. Thank goodness there aren’t many people near where it happened or else they may have thought I was drinking during lunch.

Yesterday’s episode was more severe. I was about 30 minutes away from lunchtime (yes, I do time when I eat my lunch … I’m, well, organized) when I started to feel really nauseous. I thought maybe I was hungry, so I went to get my lunch out of the fridge. And immediately the room starting spinning and went dark.

It was scary.

And for about 30-45 minutes after that the symptoms were worse! I couldn’t sit comfortably, my clothes felt too tight on my body, and I was having these chills and sweats. I emailed my boss and ended up leaving work early.

This happened to me once before, last year some time. Since I haven’t been to the doctor to have blood work done yet (yes, I know … another thing I need to do) I’m attributing it to my hectic lifestyle.

B and I work out just about every day. 5 am wake-up calls and 10 am curtain closing. It’s exhausting. And now that we live together, I’ve added cooking/prepping (lunch and dinner), cleaning, meal planning, laundry, and so much more.

I can’t call myself a “home owner” because I don’t own this house and it’s not in my name, but it’s close enough. I’m not a house wife because 1) I’m not married and 2) I do have a full-time job.

Maybe I’m a juggler. I juggle a full-time job, a part-time job (you’ll learn more about soon), and a freelance job; a fitness lifestyle; and a homemaker. I can’t imagine what life will be like when we throw kids in the mix. Oy vey!

Moral of the story: Life is going to get busier as the years pass, and it’s up to me to make sure that my body is ready to handle all that will be thrown my way. Yesterday’s episode and the hiccups last week were my body’s way of telling me to slow down and take some me time.

So, that’s what I did. I came home, watched a few movies on the couch, and did some blog work. Today, it looks like I'll be doing the same. Here's hoping that tomorrow I'm back to normal.

Did you guys notice the new design?

I read a review from Raven over at Don’t Quote the Raven (this chick is hilarious … seriously) about Natalie from Revel + Design. I found a pre-made layout (since I wasn’t super picky) and within 30 minutes of me starting the transaction process she had answered all of my questions and installed the design on my blog. Seriously guys, if you’re looking for a nice, simple layout for a reasonable price check out this little lady and her Etsy shop!

You’ll see some minor updates to the pages section up top in the next few days. I feel the excitement about blogging coming back with this new design. And lucky you guys get the reap the rewards!

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  1. Girl there is nothing more important than your healthy! I would make it a point to get to the DR to find out what is going on with you! Be careful! Feel better!