Messed Up Manicure, a Huge Deal, Sock Buns, and a Bruised Chin

  1. I messed up my freshly painted nails that were in the process of drying last night by changing from my lounge clothes into workout clothes. You think I’d be mad, but instead I’m examining the imperfect pink beauties and congratulating myself on kicking butt.
  2. Why am I congratulating myself? Oh because I ran/walked 2.62 miles last night. No biggie HUGE DEAL! I’m determined to keep up the progress so this 5k doesn’t seem so bad.
  3. My coworker and I are having our desks moved to a quieter space tomorrow. I’m excited because it’ll make it easier to concentrate on the work I’m doing, leaving less room for silly errors.
  4. Polyvore. Enough said.
  5. I wore my hair in a sock bun today at work and my head is killing me. Oy vey.
  6. I also learned how to do a bow bun from this gorgeous girl whose blog I follow. I wonder if my hair is long enough to try that one out.
  7. I’m working on a post for tomorrow about baggage that was inspired from one of the men (who I’m rooting for) on The Bachelorette. You guys are going to like this one!
  8. I really need to invest in a good pair of running sneakers and another more supportive sports bra. My shins AND calves were bothering me after running last night, and I have a bruised chin. Dude.
  9. I tried on 3 pairs of dress pants this morning for work and ended up wearing a dress. I don’t know why I even bother attempting to wear pants any more since I can’t even breathe in them. Fat kid.
  10. I’m in between a rock and a hard place when it comes to home. My “blood” relative just doesn’t get itnor do I think she ever willand it pains me to see her so oblivious and resentful when people are genuinely trying to help her. And then my “marriage” relative means well and has nothing but bent over backwards. But when the two go at it, who do I side with? The one who is right but attacking my blood, or the one who is wrong but needs help even though she doesn’t deserve it anymore?

Ok, ok. That last one was deep. But it’s been weighing on my mind (and just about everyone else living at The Estates) and I had to get it out. It won’t be a full blog post out of respect for the parties involved but, if with the slightest chance, one simple Random Rambling can make the smallest bit of progress, I’ll be happy.

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