Wicked, Kate Spade, and a Healed Heart

  1. I am officially obsessed with Wicked and itching to go see it again. Now I understand why my Mom sang and danced around the house after seeing it the first time.
  2. I starting working with Fit Cookie Monster this week and am already feeling more energized. I can’t wait to start seeing results.
  3. But I took “before” pictures last night and am officially disgusted with what my body looks like sans clothing. Really.
  4. I really want another tattoo.
  5. I resisted purchasing an ostrich-print handbag from Kate Spade this weekend. Even though it was on sale AND I had a coupon.
  6. My birthday is in 8 days and I completely forgot.
  7. My niece and I are starting this week with matching nail polish again. This time it’s hot pink.
  8. My date last week canceled on me (his car broke down on the way to meeting me) and asked to reschedule for tonight. But I haven’t heard from him yet. Not a good sign.
  9. I suffer from canker sores thanks to crappy genes and an overly sensitive mouth. BUT I found a new toothpaste (thanks to them being a client at work and me needing to do research on the product) that not only clears them faster and protects you from them, but it has also whitened my smile dramatically since I started using it. Wahoo!
  10. My heart has officially healed from my ex. COMPLETELY healed. Oh god does it feel good. 

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