The big 2-7, One and Only, and Fifty Shades of Grey

  1. I’ve been really wanting to try this hair tutorial to get some beachy waves and think I might actually get the guts to do it tonight.
  2. My birthday is tomorrow. The big 2-7. And all I want is someone to send me flowers to work.
  3. I took a Kickbox Max class yesterday at the gym and my back is so sore from the arm workouts she had us do. But I can’t wait to go back again.
  4. I realized yesterday that I messed things up for what could’ve been a great relationship and unfortunately, there is no fixing it; no matter how hard I want it to, the damage cannot be taken back and too much time has passed. So, I’m going to stop dwelling.
  5. But I also need to stop dwelling on the past and move on to the future, especially in dating. Not like I have much time to do any dating at the moment thanks to work, grad school, and now Operation Fit.
  6. I completed my first Medical Writing piece at work this morning and haven’t received numerous compliments. I feel good!
  7. I played Adele’s “One and Only” on repeat this morning on my way to work and plan on doing it on the way home as well.
  8. I purchased Fifty Shades of Grey the other day and started reading it this weekend. Holy hell, someone should’ve warned me about chapters 7 and 8!
  9. Without fail, my family endured another dysfunctional holiday. I understand people get stressed around “the holidays,” and some people don’t get along with others, but for ONCE I’d wish we could squash the silliness and the grudges and just get along. JUST ONCE!
  10. My third trimester of grad school started today and I’m super motivated to get ahead of schedule and get my work done early. Although I have the same mentality every new class starts and the excitement quickly fades.

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