Bad mood, apartment hunting, falling off the wagon, and some new babies

  1. I’ve been in a very bad mood all day today. It started with my “getting-ready routine.” I take 35 minutes (to the SECOND!) to get ready in the AM and the person I share the bathroom with gets a full hour. Yet I’ve been asked to start my routine earlier and/or finish faster. Not gonna happen.
  2. Work was slow today so I spent it on and off looking at apartments. I found a few awesome sites that have some promising spots that I want to check out in the near future. Operation Leavethe Nest is a strong possibility now that Chloe the Cobalt is paid off.
  3. My phone charger broke somehow overnight and I woke myself up at my usual time this AM, sans alarm clock. I’m both impressed and annoyed at that.
  4. I’ve been working on a paper this week that’s due on Saturday about the fall of Lehman Brothers. I didn’t follow the case at the time but researching it now is making me hate finance firms. Seriously.
  5. I’ve been so bad with OperationFit and feel terrible. I’ve let my coach down and gained back 2 of the 6 lbs that I lost. I let my social life and cravings get in the way recently and I’m trying to find the determination to get myself back into focus.
  6. The big debate between Blogger and Wordpress has been on my mind lately so I’ve been messing around with a Wordpress site to see if I can get the hang of it. I like the idea of taking my little blog to the next level aesthetically but fear I won’t have the time to maintain it.
  7. That little rant that I had not too long ago about messing things up with someone that could’ve been great for me. I take it back. We chatted. And chatted. And I opened up. And I’m ready. And he’s ready (sort-of … long story). And I think things are going to work themselves out.
  8. I’m thinking of setting up a Glamorous Hustle shop this weekend with various items I haven’t used in a while (or have never used) to clear up some clutter in La Casa de Megasaurus. I have a few pairs of shoes that I’ve only worn once (if that), jewelry that have never seen the light of day, and handbags that just don’t work for me anymore. You guys see the stuff I buy on the blog, and you may get the change to buy it yourself!
  9. Three people on my Facebook news feed welcomed new babies to the world this week. And we’re only at Wednesday. Way to make me feel old ladies!
  10. The tulips Mom and Stepdad sent me last week for my birthday died over the weekend and I miss them. It’s so weird how such a small addition to a desk, like fresh flowers, cheers the atmosphere up so much more. I need to find someone to send me flowers more often. Or figure out a way to send them to myself lol.

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