A virtual argument, a personal post, the Fit Cookie Monster, and a lot of love

  1. I haven’t done a Random Ramblings post in a while and am embarrassed. But felt the need to share my thoughts today, so cheers!
  2. I have 1 final paper and 1 virtual meeting left of my fourth grad class and couldn't be happier. This was my least favorite class but probably the most beneficial. After the next two classes I’ll be able to relax for a little bit!
  3. I got into a virtual “argument” – if you could even call it that – with a woman today on the News 12 NJ Facebook page over a shooting. She couldn’t understand how an alleged gunman near a high school was more important than her “baby daddy” being shot at in one of the most dangerous cities in the country. I gave up when I saw how bad her spelling/grammar was.
  4. I shared something super personal on the blog today and got mixed reviews. They were all encouraging comments from friends and family but I was trying to avoid giving off the “feel sorry for me because I got my heart broken” vibe. I think I failed miserably.
  5. Out of the last 15 purchases on my debit card, 12 of them were for food and/or alcohol. And then I wonder why my fat jeans don’t fit anymore.
  6. I’m teaming up with Fit Cookie Monster to get my butt into a bikini this summer. This would've marked my third year of wearing a one-piece bathing suit and frankly, I’m exhausted. We’re going over details on Wednesday so stay tuned. But this chick is going to be making big changes in the near future thanks to a Fit Cookie Monster.
  7. My shows this season are seriously blowing my mind. Once Upon A Time is by far my favorite show on the television right now, but Desperate Housewives proceeds to play with my emotions week after week. I can’t believe this is the last season for the ladies of Wysteria Lane.
  8. The girls and I seem to have a withstanding of Date Night Tuesday. Tomorrow we will be venturing to Ming II in Morristown for some deliciousness. And vino, probably lots of vino.
  9. I changed my Twitter and Facebook profile pictures to a picture from my best friend’s wedding in September 2010. Although I haven’t changed much since that picture was taken (I had a much better tan), I felt so beautiful on that day. I've gotta get my confidence level back to the way it was on that day.
  10. I love each and every one of you. That is the truth. And I’m thankful for all of your support for my blog, thoughtful comments on- and off-line, and ability to keep me moving when I’m ready to stop. I don’t say it often enough, but I love you.

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