Count Phone Numbers, Not Calories! (Part 1)

Happy Monday! I hope you’re all recovering from the green-ness of the weekend and the St. Patrick’s Day festivities. I wound up using the weekend to get caught up on a large list of “to-do” lists. Boy did it feel good.

As you may remember, I made an announcement a few weeks ago about a new program that landed in my lap; TheFresh Diet. I was super excited to start this program when I was approached about it.
After all, I’ve been fighting with the scale for a few years now. But my hectic schedule between work, school, and a social life leaves little time to make healthy meals but more than enough time for a 2 minute ride through the drive-thru at local fast food joints. So when I was told about The Fresh Diet I just knew it was perfect for me.

So what’s The Fresh Diet?

Simply put, it’s fresh, healthy, calorie-controlled meals delivered daily straight to your door. Literally, little “fresh elves” drop off a cooler of fresh food in little Tupperware-like containers every night. Every day I was replenished with 3 meals and 2 snacks.

My meals were picked out for me by their computer system based off my likes/dislikes and allergies. I could change things around on the menu if I wanted but if I went over my calories for the day or chose something that had too many carbs or too many sugars, the computer would let me know and question my choice. Literally, a pop-up would show that says something like “This puts your carb level over by XXg, are you sure you want to choose that?”

Awesome! But yes, I’d like to switch the poached apples and yogurt for a peanut butter and chocolate cupcake. Ugh, but then the guilt set in and I canceled the switch.

The best part? No cooking, no counting my calories and watching what I eat, and NO CLEAN UP! Winning!

I only tried The Fresh Diet for a week, but people who stay on the program lose around 10 pounds a month (1-3 lbs per week on average). I can definitely see how that could be since the meals are portion controlled but have just what you needed to be full and stay full until your next meal.

Next week I’ll review some of the dishes that I was given. Wait until you hear about all the fabulous meals that were delivered to my house!

Oh, and one more thing, The Fresh Diet is offering a special promo just for my Glamorous Hustle readers! Visit www.TheFreshDiet.com to receive 3 days free with the purchase of a 31 day plan at $29.99 per day using promo code singlmar29.

Disclaimer: I was offered a free week trial to try out and write about The Fresh Diet. I am being compensated for my services by Single Edition Media. All opinions expressed in this blog post are my own.

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