In the name of Fashion, I vow ...

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As most of you know, I’ve been trying to step it up a bit in the fashion department. I have a boat ton of heels that have barely worn in soles, pantyhose that are still in their packaging, and a ton of dresses that are just begging to be shown the light of day.

After my boyfriend and I broke up, I was really down on myself. I thought he was the one, he thought I was a lot of fun, and my waist line started choking by the buttons on my dress pants. It was bad. BUT, I woke up one day to a new outlook on how I should be presenting myself and so far so good!

I should thank some of my favorite fashion bloggers/twitter gals for helping get me out of the rut. Without their everyday posts of outrageous colors and pairing of prints you thought shouldn’t be on the same rack let alone worn on top of each other, I wouldn’t have been so motivated to make such a change.

So, thanks to the same gal who gave us last week’s “Top 10 Tuesday” topic, I bring to you my Top 10 fashion vows I plan on making in 2012. 

  1. I vow to wear my heels a majority of the week (3 out of 5 days, 4 out of 7 days). Wearing a pair of high heels make you stand a little taller, walk a little sassier, and act a little more professional.
  2. I vow to not let a piece of jewelry sit in the darkness for more than 3 weeks. I have a ton of jewelry that acts more of a wall d├ęcor than a piece of wearable art. My bracelets will begin to stack their way up my rings will adorn every finger of mine in no time; except my left ring finger, that one will remain bare until one man proves himself worthy to dress it up for me.
  3. I vow to wear color and wear it proud. Color was eliminated from my wardrobe when pounds were packed on. It’s time to shed the negative and add the positive. Black will only be worn if there is color elsewhere. Black blends in, color stands out. I want to be noticed.
  4. Polka dots, plaid, and hounds tooth, Oh my! I vow to incorporate prints into my wardrobe at least once a week. Prints will be hunted down. My shirts are mostly solid color and all made of forgiving fabrics that give as you expand throughout the day. No more! I have a lone snake-skin shirt that is dying for some friends; 1 is alone, 3 is a crowd, 5 or more is a party! Bring on the polka dots and plaid!
  5. Gucci, Fendi, Prada purses; purchasin’ those finer things …. Uh NO MORE! I vow to give cheaper brands a decent try. EEK! I know I know I have an obsession, addiction, OCD problem with adorning my arm with lavish brand names. But I’ve got to be honest. My Gucci Sukey is starting to bore me. I’m craving some low-end high-fashion accessories. Who said you need a hobo bag to bring your essentials to the office? I’m going to start introducing some clutches into my spring wardrobe.
  6. I vow to only use pony tail holders if the up-do instructions call for them. I’ve been growing my hair out for the last few months and trying to figure out new ways to wear it. It does need a cut and a new “life” (layers or a face frame) but I vow to not throw my hair up in a messy bun after a morning shower anymore. Your hair can make or break an outfit, so I will make sure it makes the statement I’m going for.
  7. I vow to leave the leggings, yoga pants, and sweatshirts for yard work (haha) and sweating. Leggings and lounge wear Yoga pants and sweatshirts were, in 2011, my go-to on the weekends. But, fashion is not a 9-5/Monday-Friday theory. It’s a way of life. So, they will be my work-out attire (for now). I vow to not wear sweatshirts to Target anymore.
  8. I vow to go thrift shopping! All of the fashion bloggers I follow talk about the great deals they get on thrifted items. I never went in 2011 but I will be making it a regular trip in 2012.
  9. I vow to let my legs be shown! I don’t wear enough skirts. Pants are worn every day to save the leg chub from chapping. But that’s what spanx and stockings are for. Pencil skirts are slimming, sophisticated, and comfortable. They will be brought out a little bit more.
  10. I vow to change my make-up routine more often. Right now, I wear the same make-up to work as I do on a date and/or out on the town at night. Yawn, are you bored? I am! Time to switch it up a bit and pay more attention to accenting my best features. Lip color will even make an appearance. Chapstick is convenient but too safe; I need to live a little more dangerously.

So there you have it. A vow to spice it up a bit and put more thought into how I’m presenting myself. I am in a better place AFTER my relationship than I was BEFORE and it’s time for me to show that. He may not have appreciated all that I am and all that I will be, but the next guy will … and he deserves a pencil skirt and pair of stilettos!

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