From the Couch to the Couch

Happy Wednesday! Technically it’s my Thursday, as I’m sure it is for you as well.

I can’t believe Christmas is this weekend! Actually, it’s not all that shocking. The holiday always sneaks up on me, much like the weight that has been so kind to set up camp on my waistline.

I went shopping yesterday with my best friend for some Christmas stuff. Everyone is DONE and my closet is fuller than it was last week.

I think I purchased 2-3 items for myself for each gift I purchased for someone else. And I shopped for 5 people last night – you do the math.

What I did learn, however, is my butt and chest has gotten larger than they were the last time I went shopping; about 2 weeks ago. I honestly didn’t think that was possible, but I am living proof.

Thanksgiving dinner and I are no longer friends. 

I have off from work all next week so I will have tons of time to get my act together; no excuses!

Not only will I be trying the Britney Spears work-out and Victoria’s Secret work-out I posted, but I will GO TO THE GYM and start my 5K training.

My goal is to run a 5K for my birthday in April and this booty is not going to do it by sitting on the couch.

But speaking of the couch, this week’s work-out can be done in your living room!

Check it out!

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