Did you hear about the big snowstorm that’s said to hit most of the east coast this evening? The weather people lied! I want their job; they get to sit there and say “We might get 12 inches of snow or it may just be a little flurry or we might be surprised and we’ll hit a high of 45 today.” THEN they change throughout the day.

Yesterday the news told me we’d get approximately 4 inches of snow. This morning we were set to get a foot and now it’s 6 inches if we’re lucky. What the hell? Aren’t you PAID to tell us what’s going on? I want my money back!

So as I sit here and wait for snowpocalypse (yes that is what they are calling this pathetic excuse for a blizzard) and enjoying the strongest glass of red wind I’ve ever consumed I figured I’d share with you guys how utterly boring my day was.
I was called into work earlier than usual because the girl I watch was sick. I walked in the door and the first thing she said was “Meg, you look really really pretty today!” SCORE! Leave it to a 9-year-old to boost my self-confidence.

The day was spent scarfing down Wendy’s as if that last 30 lbs of “I didn’t have a baby but I look like I did” weight melts itself off, catching up on Grey’s Anatomy (she told me her mom lets her watch it so I went for it) and making a bracelet because I’m just that crafty.

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